My name is Eve __ or Evie __ Robillard,

& I write for both children and adults.

E.B. White did that.

And so does Nancy Willard.

You could call them my role models.






When I was a children's librarian,



I loved sharing a puppet ...

... or a prop ...


... or, best of all,

a book

with a roomful of children

(& their grownups).


How many storytimes did I do in 17½ years

as Miss Eve, the children's librarian?


Let's see ...

     ABC + 123 umpteen cats & hats ...

     + countless hungry caterpillars ...

     x 17½ ...

     = 1,941 storytimes. (More or less.)



I also like to draw and paint.

Especially faces ...

& flowers ...

& fish.



One of these days I may even illustrate one of my own picture books.

As Eleanor Roosevelt once said, "You must do the thing you cannot do."


Time to get back to work.

Please check my blog: www.ridiculouspajamas.com

__ or email me at misseve41@gmail.com

if you want to stay in touch. I'd love to hear from you!



Here is a book of my watercolors

* * * *

Here are more of my watercolors